TitleCERVIA – Innovative and Advanced Methods for Certification and Verification
Project id.151
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelN/A
Description of the innovation projectCERVIA will develop innovative design methods, that will allow a meaningful improvement of the verification and certification process. These methods will solve some composite design problems not yet adequately explored and will be validated through an adequate testing programs based on coupons, details, elements, sub-components and components. The methods will include toughness properties, behaviour in dynamic conditions (mainly crashworthiness). Environmental ageing issues will also be included, as well as non destructive testing and health monitoring issues.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationtransport regional aircraft- COMMERCIAL AVIATION
Market segmentThe challenge of the global market to be able to compete successfully in the Aerostructures sector is to be able to innovate continuously and quickly, to: • Improve and optimize product performances • Reduce time and costs by developing innovative methods to automate the design, sizing and structural manufacturing process.
Advantage factorThe innovative design methodologies become necessary to grasp with greater reliability and precision the physical behavior of the structures and to make the simulation processes as automated and standardized as possible through a quick exchange of information between different disciplines allowing a quick preliminary analysis of the responding aircraft configuration to requirements for drafting and structures.
Commercial challenge- Reduce the time, and therefore the costs, of design and manufacture of aeronautical structures.- To obtain better performing structures in terms of lower structure weight and lower manufacturing costs.- Make the product more competitive compared to the traditional solution- Making the product more "affordable", that is, expanding the potential market of its product with consequent beneficial effects on the employment market.
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