TitleEDMS - Energy Data Management System
Project id.148
Reference sectorICT
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Description of the innovation projectEDMS is a Big Data Analytics software platform supporting strategic decisions by enterprises, authorities and communities on matters of energy consumption, aiming to provide innovative solutions for analysis of energy data, such as: (1) integrating data coming from ad-hoc sensors with financial and administrative information (utility bills), (2) presenting aggregate information effectively and (3) partially automating data analysis and forecasting future consumption through advanced techniques (i.e. machine learning, data mining). Possible uses are optimization of energy costs and pollution production, as well as monitoring energy consumption in order to respect regulations in force.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationEDMS is a horizontal tool intended to monitor and manage energy consumption, may it be big industrial plants, malls, warehouses or company offices where energy cost and environment factors require effective and automated tools to cope with the scale of problem and the ability to identifying and fixing sources of squandering through constant monitoring and preventive guided measures with modern techniques of machine learning and data mining.
Market segmentUsers are identified among energy companies, reclamation consortiums, big and small malls, ICT companies, etc. The solution will be offered in three tiers: basic (2500 EUR), advanced (5000), bespoke. Revenues for the first three years are forecast as follow: 30000 EUR (1st year), 80000 EUR (2nd year), 150000 EUR (3rd year)
Advantage factorEDMS target is two-fold: (1) to fill the gap for contextual analysis needed when treating energy data with a specific scope as too often energy efficiency measures are not correlated to real-time performance data as well as renewable sources adoption is driven by financial incentives more than an effective analysis, and (2) to provide a complex control and monitoring system to support decisions on measure regarding energy efficiency, renewable sources adoption, emissions reduction etc.
Commercial challengeEDMS is designed to be an open system at different levels. It's able to accept data in different formats and from different sources and can select among several data processing techniques with the ability to add new ones as they develop. This makes EDMS a tool that can adapt to changes in time easily and can also be retargeted to similar but different domains increasing the opportunities to market different solutions at low costs.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe project is at prototype development stage so no publication or customer references at the moment.

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement