TitleItalian Title: Metodo per la produzione di biofilm microbici probiotici e relativi usi English Title: Method for producing microbial probiotic biofilms and uses thereof
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Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelInventors: Prof. Arcangelo Liso, Prof. Maria Rosaria Corbo and Dr Barbara Speranza Applicant: Università degli Studi di Foggia Italian Patent (Pending): application n. 102016000053985, on 25.05.2016 International Patent (pending): PCT/IB2017/053055, on 24.05.2017
Description of the innovation projectThe invention is a method for the production of functional biofilms for innovative applications. In particular, the specific biofilms described and tested are based on co-inoculation of a combination of selected microbial species. Their concentrations and the conditions are able to promote fast, prolonged adhesion on the surfaces of a solid support (glass, steel, ceramic, polymers, paper and resin). These probiotic biofilms can constitute a successful mean to control pathogens growth and represent a novel tool to design innovative solution for both consumers and industries willing to invest in the “detergents” market.
State of dev.Patent Pending
Industrial applicationThe invention is direct to companies interested in producing: • Medical devices representing potential infection reservoirs (e.g. catheters, implants, braces, bites, condoms) • Packaging material for use in the food industry (film, pellicle, combinations for packaging or oven paper) • Novel detergent solutions for usage in households and in the hospital environment (including toilet bowls, water closets pieces of furniture and bidet).
Market segmentIndustrial and Institutional cleaning products. Industrial and Institutional cleaning product markets showed a steady increase in sales with a value of about $45 billion. Customers of these products are Healthcare and Food processing units and electronic component manufacturers and Food and Drink manufacturers
Advantage factor Probiotic Biofilms have several advantages: • Green technology • Perform well • Are cost-effective • Can work in several different applications. Even though the global probiotics market is considered to be in its infancy, it has undergone impressive growth already and is expected to continue to grow. This growth is due to increased consumer awareness of the benefits of probiotics as well as a trend toward prevention, driven by rising healthcare costs.
Commercial challengeOpportunities for the use of probiotics will continue to include foods and dietary supplements. However, there also opportunities to develop these products as tools for environmental hygene. The increased awareness of the health benefits of probiotics and their link to immune health has catapulted the category to one of most popular in today’s supplement market. A product containing specific species of beneficial bacteria could become something very powerful and health benefitting
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