TitleESSE3 – Satellite Security Solution
Project id.143
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelNo patent pending
Description of the innovation projectESSE3 is a security middleware for the identification of mobile means of transport through a ‘security challenge/security response’ protocol based on masking of Signal In Space coming from satellite-based navigation constellations, such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO. An on-board component acquires raw data from GNSS receiver and, after an antispoofing control, filters data on the basis of a dynamically generated virtual mask and builds the Security Challenge (My Name, My Position) which transmits to the Service Centre. Here, on the basis of orbital data propagation and mask management processes, the Service Centre Engine recognize if the Security Challenge in TRUE, or not.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe main sector where ESSE3 will be applied is the Maritime Transport. In fact, such a sector suffers for a number of malicious behaviours, from piracy attacks to fraud, deceiving Vessel Tracing and Tracking Systems. Integrating ESSE3 security middleware it shall be possible to make more secure Software Platforms aimed to control vessels within National Waters, or to monitor Natural Protected Sea Areas or to manage payments based on travelled nautical miles.
Market segmentThe target market for ESSE3 is Maritime. Taking into account a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, a service monthly fee of 30€ per vessel and an Obtainable Market of 5980 ships in Europe (20% merchant vessels, 10% fishing ships and 0.1% leisure boats) the potential return of investment, in a fully operational scenario, is around 2M€ per year.
Advantage factorESSE3 solution is a GNSS satellite multi-constellation application, however this is the first time the GNSS satellites are not used for accurate positioning but for vessel identification. Looking to the security of Location Based Services, space engineers focus on authentication of GNSS receivers, ICT engineers focus on network and data security mechanisms, including VPNs, ESSE3 engineers focused on a GNSS-based context aware cyber security increasing the overall end-to-end service reliability.
Commercial challengeESSE3 is an enabling technology which can be used all monitoring & control environments, both private and institutional. The integration of ESSE3 security middleware within Fleet Tracing & Tracking platforms, shall allow to provide a service with an higher level of reliability and confidentiality than existing platforms. The return of investment shall be disruptive facilitating an enlargement of company business, also in international markets.
Publications and Customer ReferecesA paper was published at the <<12th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation / TransNav Conference 2017>> in June 2017. The paper was titled: “The SMILE project: Satellite Multi-constellation Identification techniques for Liable Enhanced applications”.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing