TitleDigital Rehab
Project id.142
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent pending
Description of the innovation projectDigital Rehab is an innovative solution aimed to support the execution of a therapeutic plan at home. Digital Rehab can be used for any chronic pathology impacting neuro-motor and cognitive functions. The two technology drivers are: Virtual Reality and Advanced Workflow Collaboration. The first makes available to the people using Ditigal Rehab, an environment where they can live their rehab experience, as a game. Optionally a band can be worn, enriching the experience with patient bio-feedbacks. The second makes available to all stakeholders (patients, thins, caregivers, health personnel) a shared platform where they can interact within a collaborative path.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationDigital Rehab has been thought for eHealth sector. In the last years the usage of ICT solution in Health domain is increasing due to the high demand of health services coming from aged and fragile people and, on the opposite, spending reviews put in place by Public Administrations. Digital Rehab helps people with mild impairments after injuries, such as stroke, to perform motor and cognitive rehabilitation therapy at home and at the same time to be connected with health personnel.
Market segmentIf we consider the ictus use case only (conservative scenario) which counts an average number of 230.000 people with mild impairments in Italy. If we estimate a 1% penetration and apply a price of 1K€, for home equipment and installation, and a 250€/month service fee, we obtain more than 2M€ the first year, and an annual income of 7M€.
Advantage factorDigital Rehab introduces an innovative way to perform rehabilitation therapy. Low cost motion detection, virtual reality, gamification and advance workflow collaboration are integrated in a patient-centric platform so that it shall renew not only the way patients will perform exercises but also the way outpatients shall be managed by public/private hospitals. A security design and an open architecture guarantees users’ data protection/privacy and new generation wearable sensors integration.
Commercial challengeDigital Rehab shall bring benefits both to people and public/private healthcare structures. People shall be able to run their motor and cognitive exercises at home without losing the contact with health personnel. Public/private healthcare structures shall be able to manage rehabilitation therapy in a more efficient way without losing effectiveness. If Digital Rehab was recognised as part of healthcare system it should have a huge impact on company business volume and competitive position.
Publications and Customer ReferecesA paper was published at the <<9th International KES Conference on INTELLIGENT INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS AND SERVICES / KES-IIMSS-16>>. The paper was titled “SmartCARE - An ICT platform in the domain of stroke pathology to manage rehabilitation treatment and telemonitoring at home".

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing