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TitleSANSA Supercritical CO2 extraction plant for the recovery of products of industrial interest from waste from the olive oil production sector and the abatement of their polluting potential.
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Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelThe supercritical CO2 extraction system is in advanced prototyping. The collection database for prototype development is not to public access. Component suppliers are required to observe confidentiality agreements.
Description of the innovation projectThis supercritical CO2 prototype plant aims to reduce the environmental hazards of the vegetationwater and olive oil residues of the olive oil industry while at the same time recovering molecules of economic interest for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. In the specific case, we intend to significantly reduce the COD and BOD values in the vegetation waters and recover the polyphenols present, which have a negative effect on agricultural land, but have proven antioxidant properties when taken regularly in human food.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe industrial sector of interest is the bioremediation of waste from the production of olive oil. In particular, it is a matter of breaking down the polluting power of olive pomace, a difficult refusal to treat with traditional industrial plants and dangerous for groundwater. From this waste it is possible to obtain bioactive molecules of commercial interest that can be used by the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries.
Market segmentOur supercritical CO2 prototype system is destined to aid the olive oil production sector, and is therefore applicable in every industrial plant that carries out this activity, and must necessarily dispose of the olive pomace without polluting the surrounding territory.
Advantage factorThe industrial technology used to treat olive pomace is limited to containing the polluting potential, without actually purifying the waste in order to be able to introduce it into the production cycle. Our technology that uses supercritical CO2 totally inactivates waste and makes it useful as raw material, for an additional extraction of bioactive molecules, biofuels and essential oils. CO2, in contrast to the solvents in use, is inert and safe for man and the environment.
Commercial challengeOur company aims to expand in the field of green chemistry and environmental remediation. The olive oil processing industry is widespread and important in all the countries of the Mediterranean, and it will be more and more thanks to the properties discovered in the Mediterranean diet. Conquering an important part of this sector, as suppliers of ecological technologies and of very high innovation, is a primary strategic objective.
Publications and Customer ReferecesAn integrated biorefinery concept for olive mill waste management: supercritical CO2 extraction and energy recovery Andrea Schievano, FabrizioAdani, Li Buessing,Alfonso Botto, Esteve N. Casoliba,MaraRossonia and Jillian L. Goldfarbe

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