Titlenew range of direct drive wind turbines
Project id.14
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection Levelready for industrializazion but there are no patents
Description of the innovation projectAll Enerwings Wind Turbines are designed and assembled with each technological innovation available on the market. Our research and development team always looks forward experimenting new ways to improve existing products. Enerwings proposes mini generators with a rated power ranging between 50 and 100 kW. Enerwings Wind Turbines have been designed and developed mainly to satisfy the requests of installation on territories characterized by mean wind speed not particularly high. In order to reduce the visual impact on environment a particular attention is also spent to the design, anyway guarantying the best technical efficiency in terms of operation and maintenance.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationWind turbine production Companies
Market segmentInternational market segment, preliminary valuation of trading value in €. 7.000.000 and possible economic return in about 3 years
Advantage factorEnerwings is designing and developing a new range of wind generators by using the latest state of the art technology. The “Torque” motor is the last brilliant introduction into the wind turbine, a great combination of reliability and innovation. The blades, made of fiberglass and resin through a Vacuum Infusion Process, are designed by using special aerodynamic profiles, optimized for maximum yield.
Commercial challengeThe competitive advantage of the "Enerwings Project" is given by the study of new technologies implemented in the "mini windmill". New generators with maximum generative efficiency.
Publications and Customer ReferecesAll of our products have been designed and manufactured in accordance with Standard I CEI EN IEC 61400-1. Enerwings has surpassed a "General Audit" by "Protos S.p.A." on the production cycle of its main catalog products.

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