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TitleArtificial Pancreas
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Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelThe medical device is being designed. Its IT component is derived from advanced forecasting algorithms. The sensors are calibrated on recently discovered metabolites, but they have a relevant clinical importance. The metabolite database we created is not yet publicly accessible.
Description of the innovation projectThe research project aims to design and implement a device for therapeutic treatment with insulin able to respond to individual changes in the insulin needs of the patient with type 1 diabetes and the identification of specific insulin administration algorithms able to optimize the glycemic response to exogenous and / endogenous factors. Main objectives are: 1) Realization of a sensor for glucose and / or other minimally invasive metabolites and with an implantable detection system 2) Set up of algorithms advanced control for the management of the device 3) Definition of an experimental and clinical protocol aimed at ensuring patient safety and the correct processing of sensitive data.
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationThe development of an Artificial Pancreas (PA) would be placed in the market of medical devices for the treatment of the type 1 diabetes, representing a substantial "market breakthrough" in comparison with current technologies. In fact, all the medical devices currently in use do not guarantee full coverage of the complex needs treatment of the patient and are difficult to use in pediatric patients or with other special needs, lacking decision-making autonomy.
Market segmentThe AP is instead designed for use that covers the entire diabetic population, the6.2% of the total European population (3.75 million patients in Italy), the goal would be to place on the market a medical device which, significantly improving the patient's life does not exceed the costs of the therapy traditional, which is around 4000 euros a years
Advantage factorThe concept of "artificial pancreas", as described in the development application, allows a step forward compared to traditional therapies and different companies (sector leaders) are carrying out innovative projects with the development of devices able to automatically supply insulin with respect to the glycemic condition of the patient. In addition to this, the project aims to develop an advanced device management algorithm that takes into consideration a broader panel of biochemical values.
Commercial challengeOur project includes innovations aimed at increasing the spread of the medical device on the total sick population, starting from the pediatric age. These factors make an investment dedicated to industrial production in large numbers desirable, with the prospect of including the world market. Moreover, a possible patent of the proposed technological innovations would have the direct attention of the major competitors, traditionally engaged in the purchase of innovative technologies.
Publications and Customer Refereces“The shifting paradigm of a "cure" for type 1 diabetes: is technology replacing immune-based therapies?” Pettus , Von Herrath. Real-World Challenges of Controller Adaptation with the Artificial Pancreas. Bally ,Thabit .

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