Project id.135
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelNo one
Description of the innovation projectProsip is a Crime Mapping App. Through modern tools as data grabbing and semantic analysis, it receives and sends real time and up-to-date information on the security conditions in urban areas on smart devices and through the involvement of social networks. The solution can acquire both open and “not open” data through the process of web grabbing in terms of i) text analysis and ii) geolocation. It makes users aware about the security level of the surrounding territories, provides a secure path navigator, and tools of sos alert and social interaction.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationProsip acquires official data on crimes converting them into open data (three stars) available to the users through a map of the security level in a specific area. It can be applied in different fields, ensuring a better perception of it to different potential users: improving touristic experience, helping investment choices, promoting new ways of interaction between citizens and Public Administration, addressing their decision-making process.
Market segmentThe solution answers to the need of information about urban security by - tourists and citizens, to prevent dangers and interact with public authorities, - Public authorities, as buyers and disseminators, and for e-participation and e-democracy projects - Smes, helping to define investment and localization choices, and services development
Advantage factorProsip is inspired to “Participatory sensing approach to safe cities” of Florida International University. It takes advantage from unused data and spreads information about urban security. Through their smartphones, users can get real time, useful, appropriate and ready to use information, in a cost-effective way. Communication between PA and urban users is bidirectional. It is a one-stop-shopping application.
Commercial challengeIts strenghts and innovativeness bring economical and practical benefits. It is a one-stop-shopping solution, with many tools: crime mapping, crime index, social interaction, sos sms system with geolocation, secure path navigation. Prosip architecture can integrate other data sets and can be applied to several market areas such as tourism and leisure.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe project was funded by Regione Lazio, in the Public Call Open Data PMI, in 2012. During last Forum PA 2017 faire, it has been selected and awarded in "10x10 = 100 projects for PA change " context, as one of the best solutions in the category "Smart City, dati e IOT (data driven decision, monitoring systems, resilience)"

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