TitleA dentistry platform for touchless interaction with patient’s data
Project id.131
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelWe did not submit any patent application yet, but we will start the procedure as soon as possible.
Description of the innovation projectMotivated by the need to have aseptic interactions with computer interfaces in medical contexts, we propose a platform that permits doctors to interact with the patient's data without touching any device but only moving the hand in the free space. It exploits the Myo armband, which detects electrical impulses generated by the forearm muscles and reconstructs hand movements. These gestures trigger some specific commands, such as browsing a list of patients and picking up one of these, showing his data, displaying medical images and interacting with them in terms of translation and zooming in/out in order to highlight some specific details of the image.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe industrial application is the medical context in general but has been specified on the odontoiatric field. The final users will be the dentists, which will be able to interact with medical images and other patient’s data in an intuitive way and in the respect of healthcare hygienic protocols during surgical operations. After the proper changes to the contents, the platform may be employed also in other other medical contexts or even in other applicative fields.
Market segmentThe market segment is represented by dentist ambulatories and healthcare structures. Other possible stakeholders can be the vendors of biomedical devices, which could make commercial deals with the interested healthcare structures.
Advantage factorEven though the introduction of tablets and touchscreen platforms in medical contexts brings several advantages in terms of usability, the sterilization of such devices is difficult. Other systems provide a sensor-based touchless interaction within a well-defined volume, with the risk of interferences caused by the presence of other people. Myo armband overcomes this limitations and allows the doctor a more free interaction in a wider space, thanks to a direct contact with the arm.
Commercial challengeThe Myo armband and our software application will be marketed in bundle as an all-in-one hardware/software solution. Indeed, Myo’s reduced cost (which is lower than sensor devices’ costs) allows this combined commercialization at reasonable prices on a quite large scale. We think dentists will be inclined to buy our solution instead of facing with costs for sterilization procedures of traditional digital devices.
Publications and Customer Refereces- Indraccolo C., De Paolis L.T., “Augmented Reality and MYO for a Touchless Interaction with Virtual Organs”, Salento AVR 2017, Ugento, Italy, June 12-15, 2017, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 10325, pp. 63-73, Springer, ISBN 0302-9743; - De Paolis L.T., “A Touchless Gestural Platform for the Interaction with the Patients Data”, MEDICON 2016, March 31st–April 2nd 2016, Paphos, Cyprus, Springer International Publishing, ISBN 978-3-319-32701-3.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Sub-contracting Agreement