TitleSolarfertigation Project
Project id.130
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelIn March 2015 the company has submitted an application for obtaining the National Patent related to an industrial invention (n. 102015000011824) for the protection of an integrated system; to date the above application has passed the stage of assessment of the National Office IPTO and it is under evaluation for achieve the search report.
Description of the innovation projectThe system allows to fertilize and irrigate farmland in the absence of connection to the electrical grid. It is composed by: containers, drawers of dosing auger for powder fertilizer, container for the solution, hydraulic system with electric pump, collectors and solenoid valves controlled electrically, photovoltaic system with solar panels positioned on the roof, storage batteries, electrical panel with charge controller, inverter and plc automation, control systems able to record the input data received from the sensors, to elaborate and to implement the fertigation with the correct dosing the fertilizer and open the solenoid of the line corresponding to the area that need to be irrigated.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe target sectors are essentially three: Agriculture sector focusing in particular on innovative field, with a focus on reduction of water and fertilizer consumption; the sector of the beautification of public entities for the enhancement and beautification of the streets and public parks; the sector of beautification of private companies related to the tourism and accommodation, resort and luxury hotel and the sports and leisure activities such as golf courses.
Market segmentThe interest in this market is especially for innovative farms who intend to diversify and enrich their crops. Traditional solutions do not consider the integration of systems and require development for any application that would greatly increase the costs of installation and management
Advantage factorToday the systems present on the market are divided into two: electrical generation and fertigation system. It follows a series of irrigation and fertilization programs that do not consider promptly the actual environmental conditions; the system that is proposed, instead, integrates into a single process the generation of energy and the fertigation system, optimizing both phases. At the present the first 8 prototypes have been built and are undergoing testing and validation.
Commercial challengeThe system is designed to be controlled remotely by internet and it is under development to test and develop a database that on the basis of the type of soil, crop and growth stage optimizes the daily consumption of water and fertilizer, in environmental conditions detected by sensors and basing on the simple principle: + sun + water = -waste. The system could be an added value in Emerging Countries a s B.R.I.C.T.S. but also developed countries with big areas such as US, Canada and Australia.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe company has obtained funding for a Marketing planning for the commercial expansion in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. The project won “MIMPRENDO Italy 2015”. The study focused on the innovative design of the system and evaluate opportunities for market penetration in countries known as B.R.I.C.S.T. The project won also “Young Innovators inside Company”, for the development of a digital platform of system.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Distribution Agreement