Project id.128
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Level1Patent filed on 05/05/2014 n.202014902257842 (LE2014U000009) title: “bag equipped with OLED technology and charging devices” 3Design models:RCDn.002551861-0001/002551861-0002(women bags rigid/semirigid trapezoidal shape with technological components);RCDmodel n.002984740-0001 hardcase containing recharging electronic device, Qi,light, sensors,GPS
Description of the innovation projectThe Hi-Case makes bags smart thanks to 4 facilities: GPS to locate the bag and map the movements, alarm signalling in case of emergency, wireless charger and internal lights. It is also connected to Hi-RP (Hi-Case Remote Platform) a web platform that offers services towards the bag-user such as bag localization and anti-counterfeiting checking and towards the producers since it’s possible to profile and analyze a lot of big data on the usage of the bags, their localization and support the marketing office with a lot of data on the lifecycle of the product after the selling.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationHi-Case is thought for the bag and luggage sector. It is an electronic product able to be implemented in every type of bag. In this sense every type of bag (purse, suitcases, handbags, backpacks and so forth) can be integrated with the technological kit, since the producers will easily insert it in the internal part of the liner tailoring the internal bag pocket.
Market segmentHi-Case is for luxury bag producers. Financial forecast: 1.Hi-Case Unit Sold= in 5 years 1050k. 2.Hi-Case Fee= 18,00 €/unit per Year. 3.Turnover= in five years 37,7M€ Hardware cost= 22€/unit + 2€ of operative cost. Service cost = 3€/unit per year. Turnover in year 5 will be 18,9M€ with an assumption of 500kHi-Case sold in year5 (1,2% of the TAM)
Advantage factorInteresting impact for both the producers and the users: on the one hand they will have a lot of data available regarding the usage and the habits of the users, on the other hand the latter will have an anti-counterfeiting check by accessing to the platform and the possibility to localize the product any time.
Commercial challengeCreation of a service which represents good potential for the company. The Hi-RP (Hi-Case Remote Platform) would create competitive advantage to the companies that will sell the smart bag, the bag with the Vinoled kit. The necessary data collection due to the GPS activation will allow the bag companies to check the movements of their customers. This mechanism will allow the companies to have access to the habits of their clients, providing precious information in terms of marketing strategy.
Publications and Customer Refereces1.Valore Assoluto 2.0(Chamber of Commerce Bari)Development of innovative ideas 2.Disegni+2 (UnionCamere).Incentives for the development of designs 3.Green Business Innovation Award.Design model equipped with solar cells to integrate power supply in bag,promoted by A.R.T.I .Consulting ReportbyCETMA 4.Export LAB Puglia to promote the internationalization of SMEs in collaboration with ICE Agency 5.Agevolations to enterprises for the valorization of designs and models.Designs+3

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