TitleReZone, a Cognitive Proximity Customer Engagement Solution
Project id.120
Reference sectorICT
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Description of the innovation projectRelatech, with the collaboration of IBM, developed ReZone, a proximity Marketing solution able to engage end-users actively and giving them an innovative, immersive and augmented shopping experience in an online and offline way. Through ReZone, marketer have a deeply user profiling and an analysis of customer behavior in the store and online (Ecommerce). In this way marketer can predict user current and future preferences and needs. ReZone collect user data in an omnichannel way, and by using Watson Marketing services, it is able to engage the end user in a multichannel way and thorough different touchpoints.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationReZone, is a proximity marketing solution that could be used in a large scale and in different market fields. In fact, it could be implemented in a modern shopping mall, in stores or, moreover in airport, transport station to give augmented experience (not only active engagement but also information as a customer assistance solution). However, now the solution is implemented mainly in the retail field.
Market segmentReZone, a proximity marketing solution, that is very useful both for marketer, that can collect data on customers behavior, predict their current and future needs, satisfy customers through customized offers and promotion; and for end-users that have an interactive and augmented shopping experience.
Advantage factorReZone allows: - maximize user engagement, shopping experience and customer journey - Know users more deeply (preferences, current and future needs) - Collect data on customer behavior in an online (Ecommerce) and offline (in store) way. - Have a user profiling and develop customized promotion - Increase sales (up selling & cross-selling activity in the retail field) - The scalability of ReZone in different fields
Commercial challengeThe commercial challenge of ReZone is the multiple business opportunity and the scalability of the solution in a huge scale. The solution is very useful not only for the marketer that can collect user data, know and predict customer needs and develop customized promotion; but also for the end user that can experience an augmented and innovative customer journey.
Publications and Customer Refereces - “ReZone, la soluzione di Cognitive Proximity Customer Engagement” Redazionale CMI, 23 novembre 2017 ( ) - Moreover, the company took part in different national events, such as "Salone del Mobile" (Milan, April 2017), IBM Watson Summit (Arco della Pace, Milan, Mat 2017), Smart Retail (Innovability event, at Il Centro Arese, march 2017), etc.

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