Project id.12
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe Habueno prototype is ready and the testing and design improvement phases are under way. Habueno is a product made with Senseame technology. HWA srl has filed a patent application (PCT / IB2015 / 057655). On 11/05/2017, the company also submitted the application in order to protect the "Habueno" trademark.
Description of the innovation projectHabueno is a smart electronic system in the shape of a cigar that allows the monitoring and periodic communication in real time of the microclimatic changes within Humidors. Habueno is a hardware / software system consisting of a microprocessor electronic board with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi communication modules, temperature and humidity sensors and a mobile application with real-time display functions of measured data, data history, setting of thresholds and management of notifications.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationHabueno is an advanced product in the field of electronics and cigar accessories for expert and no expert users.
Market segmentHabueno has been designed for B2C segment. The typical customer is passionate about cigar and tobacco related, high-end products and accessories.
Advantage factorHabueno is a technologically advanced monitoring system in an excellent wood case design.Thanks to its characteristic cigar shape, it occupies, in the whole humidor, exactly the space of another elegant cigar: a vigilant, elegant and equally precious cigar. Compared to other monitoring systems such as traditional thermometers and hygrometers, the advantage provided by Habueno consists in being able to receive notifications on temperature and humidity wherever you are, directly on your smartphone
Commercial challengeHabueno has few direct competitors and it is currently an exclusive product both for the technology (patented) and for the design (made in Italy). The product is a luxury item for medium-high spending users positioned in a niche market segment with a strong spending power.
Publications and Customer ReferecesNo

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