TitleVOTA, VOcal Tract and Training Analysis
Project id.119
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
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Description of the innovation projectVoTA is a voice-aware system able to train, monitor and analyze the voice related apparatus. It offers the following functionalities: check human voice to identify possible abnormalities, training voice related apparatus, analysis of vocal signal to identify and follow up vocal tract pathologies. Now it is an App prototype that includes basic functionalities to monitor and test the status of user vocal tract throughout these exercises: Vocal Analyses, Text Reading and Free Speech. VoTA App gives personalized feedbacks about voice status. IBM Watson services such as Conversation, Speech to Text, Tone Analyzer, Discovery have been integrated in the APP.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe main industrial sector is the healthcare market, but we imagine a system usable in a huge scale with slightly different applications. We will also feed a huge clinical repository with voice related features, which can become an interesting dataset for researchers and clinicians to study voice related pathologies. The system could be also used for clinical applications whereas physicians can use it to monitor their patients and citizen with suspected larynx or vocal robes pathologies.
Market segmentPotential users of our solution are: Citizens, Professional user, Family doctor, Hospital facilities, Speech therapist, Pharmacies, etc. We expect a large economic return because it is a large-scale system and it reduce the cost of management both for public health and for citizens.
Advantage factorVota is an innovative project because it allows: - to have a live analysis of voice status identifying any possible vocal anomalies - Users can monitor and train their voice - Specialists (laryngologist for example) have under control their cluster of patients - The scalability of the solution in different fields (hospitals, schools, educational centers, etc.) - focus on a theme, the Vocal Tract Analysis that always is not considered as relevant as it should be.
Commercial challengeThe commercial challenge of Vota is the multiple business opportunity of the solution because it is very useful not only to monitor and identify any possible abnormalities of the vocal tract but also to educate users to a correct use of voice by doing the exercises proposed in the App. The solution is scalable in different fields: wellness, education, healthcare (like hospitals, schools, educational centers, etc.) and assurance.
Publications and Customer ReferecesWe have developed the prototype working with IBM. In the App are integrated some of IBM cognitive service of Watson. Moreover, the project is conducted by Ithea, who deals with the development and management of the project; and the University of Calabria responsible for the R&D activities and test on the prototype.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing