TitleCorrelation plenoptic imaging
Project id.117
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelWe have submitted 2 patent applications: 1) IT102016000027106, submitted on 15/3/2016, deposit expected on 15/12/2017. Application for the extension to Europe (EP17160543) on 13/3/2017, positive feedback from referee received, deposit expected in March 2018. 2) PCT/IB2017/055842, submitted on 26/9/2017.
Description of the innovation projectThe invention is an imaging modality, characterised by both the refocusing and the 3D imaging capabilities typical of panoptic (or light field) cameras. The devices and processes we have developed is thus of interest for the most desperate applications, from biomedical imaging to industrial inspection, from photography to 3D imaging and imaging from space. The peculiarity of our invention is the exploitation of the spatio-temporal quantum correlations of light for achieving 1) a combination of image resolution and depth of field that is unaccessible to state of the art imaging systems, including commercially available plenoptic/lightfield cameras, 2) turbulence-free performances.
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationBiomedical imaging, industrial inspection, photography and 3D imaging, imaging from space
Market segmentImaging, photography and microscopy. The device is expected to have a similar cost of commercially available plenoptic cameras, namely, between 1000 and 20000 euros, depending on the specific application for which it will be designed.
Advantage factorThe innovation with respect to the state of the art is: 1) the invention of our first patent enables a combination of resolution and depth of field that cannot be achieved by any other imaging technique 2) the invention of our second patent application adds to advantage mentioned above the fact of being insensitive to turbulence and scattering.
Commercial challengeThe invention exploits at best two very recent imaging modalities: plenoptic imaging, and quantum imaging, thus exploiting the unique advantage offered by quantum technologies (see the EU flagship on quantum technologies) to push the performances of plenoptic imaging to its very fundamental limit. Our invention addresses the market request for high resolution, high depth of field, high contrast, low noise, flexible and fast imaging devices with refocusing and 3D imaging capability.
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