TitleLipidomic Pathway on DBS
Project id.116
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelConcept project- Patent will be requested at the end of the project
Description of the innovation projectThe project proposes research and development activities aimed at creating a new product, the analytical kit on DBS, able to overcome elementary lipidomic evaluations, extending its field of application. The new analytical kit will lead to a further product innovation and will allow the development of a new nutraceutical product able to have a calibrated formulation on the characteristics of a specific type of patient. The next objective is to create a network in biomedical research, able to face and solve the various problems related to the development of new nutraceuticals.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationNutraceutical industry and clinical tests
Market segmentBiotechnology
Advantage factorThe proposed approach involves the development of methods that allow the integration of lipidomic measures,proteomic characterizations and genetic analyzes starting from sampled capillary blood spots on chromatographic paper (DBS).The use of capillary blood for the analysis of biomarkers give informations about the state of health and general well-being of the organism, through innovative and high performance technologies supporting therapeutic plans or targeted integrations.
Commercial challengeCommercial value of the LIPIDOMIC PATHWAY KIT and of the new nutraceutical products : the best price,made extremely competitive thanks to the optimization and automation of the analytical phase;the best product that respond adequately to the market trends recorded in recent years;the best service offered to the client,thanks to the rapid response times of the analyzes and the realization of a personalized integration plan on the type profile inspired by the customer satisfaction strategies.
Publications and Customer ReferecesHarris WS,von Schacky C:The Omega-3 Index:a new risk factor for death from coronary heart disease?Prev Med 2004. Stark KD: The percentage of n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids in total HUFA as a biomarker for omega-3 fatty acid status in tissues.Lipids 2008. Marangoni F,Colombo C,Galli C: A method for the direct evaluation of the fatty acid status in a drop of blood from a fingertip in humans:applicability to nutritional and epidemiological studies. Anal Biochem 2004.

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