Project id.114
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Level we didn't do submitt any patent application
Description of the innovation projectCommodo is an integrated web management platform, developed to meet the multiple needs of companies that design and produce custom armchairs and sofas. The objective of Commodo is to make the management of the entire Supply Chain (from suppliers to end customers) flexible and integrated. In fact, the functional areas managed are: • Design; • Sales; • Production; • Logistics; • Post - Sale. All business processes, including administrative ones, are integrated, in real time, to the entire production and distribution chain and then to the market, to agent networks, to branches and to the entire supply chain.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationupholstered furniture (production of sofas and armchairs)
Market segmentCompanies that design and produce custom armchairs and sofas
Advantage factorIn perfect coherence with the principles of LEAN Manufacturing which provide for maximum integration of business processes and the progressive and consequent elimination of all activities that cause waste and delays, Commodo has been designed and developed, using the most modern and tested technologies available. In fact, open technology, web and multi-device that allows integrability, turns out to be the support for companies to manage the whole process.
Commercial challengeThe basic idea of ​​Commodo is to manage the business processes so as to allow a radical intervention of organizational restructuring, (Business Process Reengineering). Commodo is the ideal tool to create and control the entire Extended Supply Chain that involves a plurality of actors in different fields; In this ecosystem of actors external to the company it is important to avoid information misalignments at any point in the supply chain.
Publications and Customer ReferecesBusiness plan, Document of analysis, brochure; Committent: SpazioRelax Spa

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative