Project id.113
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelCurrently the solution is not patented and no patent application has been submitted
Description of the innovation projectBy using IOT technologies and cloud based software will be provided a constant monitoring of environmental conditions and of dangerous situations in workplaces. There will be also a continuous check about workers wearing all the required PPE. In particular, the system, is able to:• Tracking the workers in the work areas,Split the workplace in areas with different access profiles and identify unauthorized access• Perform PPE monitoring• Perform environmental monitoring using sensors with wireless connections• Generate threshold alarms on enviromental monitoring, unauthorized access alarms, distress call alarms, Automatic man down alarms. Store the history of any alarms
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationAll the industrial sites with safety issues and building yard
Market segmentAll the industrial sites with safety issues and building yard
Advantage factorRemote and continuos control of working condition with realtime alarms and events logging
Commercial challengeNo competitors for this kind of product
Publications and Customer ReferecesDeveloped in collaboration with Università Parthenope – Napoli for Inail Campania

Proposal of cooperation agreementDistribution Agreement