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Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatient BR2014A000003
Description of the innovation projectSCEP is the new type of tecnology with which we have equipped the H6RF: the new resistive and non-ablative bipolar radiofrequency for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. R.F. This system allows to work at optimum and homogeneous temperature across the tissue portion and for the whole time of treatment, without the risk of overheating of the tissues and of unintended thermal damage. This system is able to assess instantly and at any time the resistivity given by the tissues by calibrating the supply of energy and automatically stop the delivery of energy when the handpiece is no longer in contact with the skin.
State of dev.Patent
Market segmentThe SCEP innovation is in the stimulation model of the endogenous metabolic revitalisation through the synergistic combination, made by the device through the single district multifunction applicator. The market segment is related to aesthetic medicine and non-invasive dermatology.
Advantage factorThe SCEP strategy will be developed in harmony with the theories on the degeneration with energetic base, adding anchors strategic in the development of wound healing strategies: - Energetic stimulation - Inflammation modulation SCEP is the only system that monitors every 1 millisecond the RF emissions.
Commercial challengeThe devices are used for dermatology and medical-aesthetic purposes, so it is necessary that the same are highly reliable and above all that do not adversely harm to the skin. The market positioning is in the medium-high.
Publications and Customer Refereces- Study of Noninvasive Bipolar radiofrequency in the treatment of dermatologic imperfections with H6RF Device - Mazzarella G. MD - Città Studi Biella - Technological and Scientific Centre - Presentation of the Patent and of the Isopharma SCEP technology. - SIDEC Società Italiana Dermatologia Estetica e Correttiva - (Italian Society of Aesthetic and Corrective Dermatology) – Report on the Isopharma SCEP integrated system by Dr. Roberto Marti.

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