TitleStone tubes
Project id.107
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelAteliers Romeo submitted a national patent application 16 th November 2017 called “Metodo di fabbricazione di lastre curvilinee in materiale lapideo”.
Description of the innovation projectThe patent called “stone tubes”, consists of tubes made of different stones and reinforced inside by tubulars elements such as fiberglass, carbon fibre and resins .It is exactly this composition that give us an high standard final product. “Stone Tubes” have, in fact, a better crush, tensile and mechanical strenght than natural stones in addition to have an appealing design. Moreover any type of natural stone like travertine, granite, marble, could be involved in production. “Stone tubes” could have different dimensions and diameter (from 3 or 4 cm ). In particular they are suitable for realizing long and thin object, such as legs of a table, library, tubular structure like decorative “scaffolding”, and many other applications. In addition it is possible to connect tubes each others for obtaining complex structures. The invention responds to aesthetic and environmental needs. In addition, tubes reproduce the natural beauty of stones and they are manufactured with company’s waste stone, that usually go to landfill. In the stone industry raw material waste is very high, from quarries to the finished products there is a loss of 50%. So Ateliers Romeo found out a method for using quarries consciously and produce from the waste a very high standard product. Patent allows the use of the stones, that extracted from quarries, are not suitable for manufacturing because of theirs imperfections. Moreover, in the tubes stone manufacturing process, are used high quality organic resins and they can be fire-resistant.
State of dev.submitted to a italian patent application
Industrial applicationPatent is targeted to the construction, furniture/interior decoration and yachting markets. It is clear that architects, decorators, interior designers could be interested in our product in order to satisfy their most demanding customers
Market segment “Laminated reinforced tiles” are directed to a building and furniture market share. Nowadays the product it doesn’t exists on the market.
Advantage factorThere are similar products made of wood, impossible to use for external uses. It’s a sustainable product with green resins, or cement casting, with no waste during the production cycle. King size dimension panels could be avaible. Time production is quicker than the traditional way. Currently they are manufactured with machines but wasting a big quantity of raw material. Following the traditional way, there is any control of the surface final aspect. The thickness is 3 cm minimum.
Commercial challengeOur product is made in a handcrafted way and it is suitable for fews pieces. Product is ready for the market but we would like to reach the mass market with a proper industrialisation process. It would be necessary invest in appropriate equipments, like numeric control machines to improve the quantity of production. Ateliers Romeo also would need all of certifications, such as ISO UNI, for attesting the good quality of the product and the respect of the current european legislation.
Publications and Customer Refereces“Laminated reinforced tiles “ is the result of the working research of students who belongs to “Cesar Course”. This is an Advanced Training Course (Cours de Enseignement Supérieur en Architecture et Restauration) organized within the Postgraduate School of DICAR Departement . The project will be presented at University of Architecture in Bari on 13th December 2017 for the final dissertation. The work was been followed by Professor Giuseppe Fallacara

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