TitleLaminated reinforced tiles
Project id.106
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelFor the state of art, Romeo submitted an Italian patent application on 7 th November 2017called “Elemento strutturale rinforzato in materiale lapideo”.
Description of the innovation project The project called “laminated reinforced tiles”, consists of multi-layer curved tiles made of ceramic or stones and reinforced by materials such as fiberglass, cement, Kevlar fibres and resins. It is well-know how difficult it is to curve the above-mentioned materials because their natural mechanical strength prevents any bending. Our project makes it possible to construct coating for very big curved walls, vaults and build curved structural timbers thanks to Ateliers Romeo research department. Moreover, the invention responds to aesthetic, practical and environmental needs of construction industry: first of all, “laminated reinforced tiles” have an appealing design with different geometric patterns; secondly, they can be made quickly; finally, they are constructed with a big saving on raw materials. Usually in the stone industry raw material waste is very high, from quarries to the finished products there is a loss of 50%. Ateliers Romeo with this invention tries to limit the waste by creating an environmentally friendly product. In addition our product is produced using high quality organic resins that respect the health of both workers and consumers alike. In the stone and furniture industries, a lot of polluting resins that damage human health and the environment are widely used. Our product can also be fire-resistant.
State of dev.submitted patent application
Industrial applicationThe invention is targeted to the construction and furnitures market. It is clear that architects, decorators, interior designers could be interested in our products in order to show provide a new product to satisfy their most demanding customers. It was imagined as a very versatile product, to be use, adapted and customized for each kind of situation, context and colorations.
Market segmentStone tubes are directed to a building, yachting, mass market ( linear meter selling) and furniture’s market share. The price changes in accordance with the materials choosen. For the moment stone tube is not immediately ready for the mass market because it can be be customized.
Advantage factorTubes in stones reinforced, doesn’t exist on the market. We could find on the market, different sizes and lengths of cylindrical elements, full inside, heavy and fragiles, not very practical for realizing furnitures. They are fragile structures difficult to make in small diameters. With our proceeding it is also possible to buy an eco-friendly and sustainable design product that is not damaging for nature, humans’ health and with aesthetically appealing
Commercial challengeTubes are made in a handcrafted way. Our manufacturing is suitable for fews pieces. They are ready for the market but the company needs a proper industrialisation process to enhance the production and to reach the mass market. It would be necessary invests in appropriate equipments, like numeric control machines to improve the quantity of production and obtain of all kind of certifications, such as ISO UNI in respect of the current european legislation.
Publications and Customer ReferecesStone tubes are ready for market and for selling, as it is possible to check on Ateliers Romeo website:

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