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Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelThe company achieved several experimental tests to check the principles of suggested innovation effectiveness and it began the patent deposit activities. Actually it is evaluating the better model of tipicality with which to propose the presented telluric biopile system on the market.
Description of the innovation projectThe presented telluric biopile system is composed of a specific mesh of insulated conductors on special geometrically coupled biocatodic pegs to obtain a potential energy proportional to the extension of the land area occupied. The superficial layer of this soil must be homogeneously enriched with a bioactive composted soil improver obtained with mixed composted soil improver. The production of elements of BTS system can be performed with common equipment and standard materials. The use is just as simple without requiring specific technical skills since it is similar to gardening. A field of 100 mq can constantly make up to a 1 Kw with a layer of at least 20 cm of soil improver.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe telluric biopile system presented falls within the renewable energy field coupling to photovoltaic energy but with the advantage to being usable even in the dark, with rain and snow. It can work without the wind and it doesn’t generate any acoustic impact. It ensures an extreme performance of around 8600 hours/year.
Market segmentThe BPS system is destined for the branch of micro and macro energy power producers market. Il will be proposed to the final user for a value of around 1200 €/kWp (installation excluded) ensuring a minimum return for the manufacturer of at least 40%
Advantage factorThe operating principle is absolutely innovative and it exploits the capacity of some microorganisms to replace metals during chemical redox reactions solving the problem of their wear and tear with their organic nutrient demand to support the electric field that is generated between the biologic nodule (REDOX) and the spiral of the top end. The node of the conductor network thus becomes an electrophilic nodule at a concentration of charge that feeds on the surface nutrients
Commercial challengeThe development of the presented biotechnology would offer immediate competitive advantages to the owner of the exploitation rights as it is a system that can be used advantageously in any part of the way with a soil (in the presence of H2O) in which the telluric biopile system was to be placed .
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