TitleCIB – Check-in bacteria
Project id.103
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelThe company has carried out numerous experimental tests aimed at verifying the principles of effectiveness of the proposed innovation and has started patent filing activities. At present, it is evaluating the best model of typicality with which to propose the CIB process on the market.
Description of the innovation projectIt’s the development of the appropriate equipment and related software for a high reliability process for fast detection of live bacteria and microorganisms through spectrometry and audio-frequency techniques.Immediate reports to identify the viability of bacteria present in the survey field; for example,yeasts in water, soils, culture swabs, wood, biomass in general, waste and so on.The software,by elaborating the acquired data, allows the objective interpretation without need of further tests.
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationThe CIB identification process falls into the biotechnology sector and precisely into the microbiological methods of investigation. This industrial sector is constantly expanding and has a very wide field of use.
Market segmentThe CIB targhet market segment are micro-instrumental electro-instrumental devices. The cost of the complete kit for the end user is around 12,800.00 € with a possible 50% economic return.
Advantage factorToday, a wide-spectrum guaranteed biomass analysis system is not commercially available (even on a global scale) that can compare in real time more survey results (color, spectrum and sound) giving a sufficient response efficacy. The CIB process also allows biomass traders (and not just laboratories) to quickly and objectively recognize their degradation status (wood, soil improver, fruit, vegetables, meat, food products, etc.) and to verify the presence of possible pathogens.
Commercial challengeThe model in question will allow the company to establish business relationships for the development of the final prototype to be placed on the market. This development will allow international integration by finding applications in the biotechnological, energy, agricultural and food sectors.
Publications and Customer Refereces“Voices and Vision from Stem Cells Mutant Vibrations and Regenerative Medicine” Carlo Ventura-Stem Wave Institute for Tissue Healing (SWITH), Gruppo Villa Maria (GVM) Care & Research - Ettore Sansavini Health Science-Foundation, Italy; Park, B. S., Furuno, T., & Uehara, T. (1996). Histochemical changes of wood surfaces irradiated with ultraviolet light.; Kataoka, Y., & Kiguchi, M. (2001). Depth profiling of photo-induced degradation in wood by FT-IR microspectroscopy.

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative