Project id.102
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelThe company has realized numerous experimental tests to verify the principles of effectiveness of innovation proposal and has launched activities patent filing. In the current state is considering the best model of typicality with which to propose on the market the modules MUDO.
Description of the innovation projectThe invention is constituted by a form of fast biodepurazione for refluent, based on exchange cationico and biodegradazione organisation for means dimicroalghe; she, with not much expensive and simple process to be used, is able to knock down: heavy metals and the TOC. As well as the particular geometry that put together actions of column zeolitica with the necessary basin biodegradazione of superfice to migroalghe, defining the parametres of process for the exchange cationico on the grounds of the zeolite to be used and polluting garlic to be dealt. The R&S has allowed the definition from a specific tile for the composition of the form biodepurante MUDO
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationThe form MUDO is a biodepuratore for civil or industrial waters that does not ask for chemical reagents, he is particularly indicated for the purification of the drains coming from the agroindustrial industries.
Market segmentIt dates the manufacture inexpensiveness and the simplicity of use is foreseen by a wide diffusion of the forms MUDO above all in the little companies or in those that need a little pulling down of the values of exit. Therefore it is considered, an economic return of at least € 350 for the producer
Advantage factorThere has not in commerce effective and efficient technologies the low price of investment and of management for the purification of the drains. The modularità of the MUDO and the simplicity of use propose it as a candidate to have a presence flooded for the anthropic settlements. If it enriched the traditional conducts fognanti with the tile of composition of the form MUDO one would purify the carried drains if it used only strength of gravity, cationici exchanges and microorganisms.
Commercial challengeThe principal competitive advantage in commercialising the proposed innovation is that of facilitating the building contracts of those works that foresee the purification of the waters. It dates the production simplicity there seems, in fact, extremely easy the divulgation of the technology MUDO at world level. In consideration of the huge application extension, the exploitation of the patent would generate a great request of international collaborations.
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