Project id.100
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelCurrently IdPostBox is not a protected innovation, but the the company is interested to starting the protection process.
Description of the innovation projectIdPostBox is the first digital platform to simplify the electronic report of communication and payment between users and companies. The user will have a digital assistant to simplify his life by managing his utilities for him, and the service company will have a commercial account to handle communications, and to manage bills collections. After that companies join the service and users are signed up, users have all their bills in the same place, and decide what, when, and how to pay, and the system keeps all receipts. Users freely manage their consumption and receive alerts in case of anomalies. Companies have immediate evidence that communications and bills have been handled.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationIdPostBox belongs to the ICT sector, particularly for the in digitization in the production, transmission, consultation, processing and archiving of data. This ICT sector is growing fast. Also in Italy, the digitalization doesn’t stop: 68% of Italians households access the internet from landline or mobile, 47% of Italians households made at least one internet purchase, small enterprise's data mirror those of the households, digitalization for middle-sized enterprises exceeds 80%.
Market segmentIdPostBox is useful for utilities and fees for public servicies paid by families or SME, which in Italy pay an average of 29 bills in a year. The value of billing fees and payment commissions paid in Italy in 2016 is 1,9 billion. In two years there will be an economic return. IdPostBox is valued at about € 23 million
Advantage factorIdPostBox ensures the dematerialization and the simplification of the flow of information and transactions between utilities and users. It’s the first single digital address that simplifies the electronic report of communication and payment between utilities and users. Today there are no competitors that have a similar service, even if various initiatives should be in the direction of facilitating the management of incoming mail and to the payment of bills to users.
Commercial challengeIdPostBox is an innovative Start-Up developed by NV Group. IdPostBox draws all the technical and commercial know how NV Group has to offer. The management has solid experience in this sector. IdPostBox is highly versatile and can quickly be integrated with the different IT systems of our partner companies. After the identification of partner companies and analisys of test results and presentation to investment funds, IdPostbox goes to market and reaches profits
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Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Distribution Agreement