TitleEquipment able to reduce the harmful emissions of the combustion gases of the common gas heat generators for the heating and / or production of domestic hot water, increasing the thermal yield and also reducing the consumption of gaseous fuel.
Project id.10
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelThere is a patent on electrolytic cells, n ° 0001402836
Description of the innovation projectThe invention was born to reduce harmful emissions of combustion gases (Nox, CO, ecc.); as well as real energy savings obtained both from the improvement of the energy efficiency of the existing generator to which it is applied and from the reduction of combustile used with the same conditions of use of the generator. This improvement takes place with the use of electrical energy which in turn is received by the primary thermal carrier fluid in the form of thermal energy and by the consumption of water which is transformed into gas. The production process does not involve particular difficulties and prototypes have already been made to test the results.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationthe field of application is wide, it can be applied to all gaseous combustion generators, from the civil sector to the tertiary and industrial sector, as well as naval or commercial vehicles for motor vehicles. The equipment of modular dimensions can be coupled to a small wall-mounted boiler for home heating or to a large industrial / naval boiler or to a motor of any commercial vehicle.
Market segmentThe times of economic return depend on the application and the period of use of the existing generator. In applications to industrial diesel generators in just two years the investment has returned, in the civil sector in domestic apartments it is ten years. The price starts from € 2000.00 in the simplest cases.
Advantage factorThis invention would lead to the creation of projects for the integration of the invention in the production of future generators in order to guarantee high efficiency and low pollutants emitted. About two years research and development activities were carried out on the initial prototype. From the experimental results, changes were made to the initial project, generating a new, much more powerful second generation prototype.
Commercial challengeIf the current manufacturers of boilers and / or combustion engines adopt and incorporate the equipment of P.I. they will respect the future limits for returns and emissions of the environmental standards of the sector without having to undertake expensive projects of innovation of their projects.
Publications and Customer ReferecesSimilar products such as the IONICA GALAN INDUSTRIES Boiler and other products without official patents have been placed on the market.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Distribution Agreement